Cooperation with the IT Solutions is a step forward to new technologies, improvement of and profitability of your business!
IT services today by right can be named among the most called for services. Most processes are partly or fully delegated to computer engineering, deals are completed via Internet and many customary items have electronic "filling". Today availability of good software and high-tech equipment at the enterprise is not a whim, but necessity, dictated by ever-increasing competition.

Specialists of IT Solutions know exactly how the processes must be computerized, so that the enterprise would function successfully and bring stable profits. Our employees understand specifics of their work, are competent and if undertake some task, they do it to a perfection!
One of the clauses of our catalogue of IT services is assignment on ourselves of part of credentials that nobody can undertake in your organization. Not every enterprise can afford to keep department ensuring the quality of information technologies in the organization. That is why many organizations prefer outsourcing for this segment of activity. Such IT solution allows providing remote services, distribution and management of computer software. Re-assign this part of activity to our company - means to get the best result with minimum investments. Cost of IT services will be much cheaper to you than lease of premises and payment of salary to permanent staff.

What does our catalogue of IT services include?

Catalogue of IT services of our company is a sole integrated IT solutions, which we provide for any business: from minor to large-scale one. What advantages could IT Solution bring to you?
You will get qualified help with the implementation of software, optimization of its work and training of your employees in principles of working with the system. Programs for the banks, state organizations, mobile service operators, information structures and other spheres of activity - we will identify and install most appropriate software for everyone!
You do not know what to choose and which IT services to use? This is quite logical, because to answer this question one should possess adequate knowledge and experience in this sphere. Consulting is a part of our work, hence we can recommend optimal solution for you.
Arrange expert functioning of computers, office equipment, information kiosks, video surveillance cameras and other equipment related to your business - this means improvement of quality and productivity of work processes. Employees of IT Solutions will adjust equipment and provide its regular maintenance and support.
Digital Signage Solutions
IT Solutions offers you easier method of payment with the use of sensor payment terminals . Using on- screen menu of the terminal user chooses the service he/she would like to pay for, indicates necessary requisites (account number, etc.). Following displayed instructions the client puts required sum into the bill acceptor and confirms payment. Terminal recognizes banknote authenticity and their nominal value.

Software installed on terminals, as well as the system of payment posting, monitoring and management of terminals has been developed by IT Solutions. Using administration software within the framework of this solution our clients are able to collect statistic information about the payments, register individual parameters for each terminal (days and hours of work, currency exchange rate, etc.), monitor technical parameters and load of the bill accepting device in real time.

Information kiosks

Information kiosks - automatic software-hardware complex intended for the provision of reference information. IT Solutions offers wide range of choice of information kiosks with different functionality.

Advantage of sensor information kiosks:

  • compact stylish metal housing
  • wide range of choice of kiosk equipment and external design
  • management via sensor display easy even for naive user
  • wide spectrum of kiosks' application: sales and exhibition rooms, railroad, etc.
  • kiosks are functioning in self-service mode, on a 24-hour basis

The sphere of the use of information kiosks is unlimited.

We offer similar solutions for a number of organizations:

  • Banks
  • Medical institutions
  • Exhibitions
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Car showrooms
  • Museums
  • Government organizations
  • Educational establishments
  • Travel agencies
  • Law courts
  • Business centers
ERP Systems

ERP products are the most popular among other systems to automate management processes. This systemcombines a number of subsystems that determine the activities of an enterprise. It brings together a number of management and software solutions by means of that customer’s order may be performed maximum qualitatively within a specified time by the exact planning and redistribution and further direction of necessary resources.

Why do we offer ERP-system?

  • Allows you to combine several activities of the company.
  • In its decisions, we only use the best methodology, which guarantees the quality of the organization of all business processes, resource management and optimization.
  • Provides access to organizational standards that is necessary for larger companies, consisting of a fewcompanies, or branches
  • This system allows you to store all data in a single database, eliminating the possible informationdiscrepancies. Thereby level of control raises, and quality of information necessary for adoption of these or those corporate decisions, improves, because becomes available to those for whom it is necessary at the moment.

The information is open both for management and employees for the ordinary employees of the enterprise, it is also possible to restrict access to certain individuals for specific information. ie organization can acquire a "flat" structure, etc. The main purpose of ERP-systems is to achieve a competitive quality by optimizing the business processes of the company and lowering the level of costs. This class systems use such methods of management and planning, which can reduce the amount of costs caused product unsold or its lack, as well as manage their inventory, streamline business processes to reduce the time and material costs of production output, improve customer service and customer through to delivery within a specified time, to minimize the proportion of work in progress, because the production plans are prepared on the basis of information about the final demand. We recommend useof ERP systems to companies that want to attract additional investments. The systems will allow business to betransparent, which means that investors' confidence in him increased.

HRM Systems
HRM-system is the automated complex personnel management system. In comparison with traditional systems of automation of the personnel account and calculation of salary HRM-system possess expanded functionality. This system allows to reduce a number of manual operations on work with documents, to lower number and to increase accuracy at calculation of a salary, taxes and other assignments, to realize full human resources management and to prevent losing them.Except accounting (personnel account, staffing table, flow of documents, accounting of working hours and holidays, etc.) and settlement (the salary, tax payments and deductions, etc.) contours, processing quantitative data, similar systems also include HR contour intended for work with quality indicators of the personnel.

Financial organizations
The main purpose of our organization in the provision of this Decision is to improve the quality and reliability of products and services to financial institutions, increasing the speed of the settlement operations, business customers electronic access to banking products. The list of products provided by our company also includes the bank equipment and the software to it. This Decision is necessary to ensure the safety and optimization of work processes in the organization.

The list of products offered by our company are:

  • safe deposit boxes
  • boxes of different categories of protection
  • storage
  • fireproof cases for storage of documents and keepers of information
The Bank's commitment to cooperate with our company is a desire to achieve competitive advantage in the financial markets. The main partners are Chubb Safes, Rosengrens, Carena, Gunnebo. In the software industry we represent companies like Tietonator and Temenos.
Intelligent Transport Systems

Video Detection and Monitoring Solutions for Traffic Applications

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is revolutionizing how traffic flows on roadways throughout the world. Our integration and partner’s unique, field-proven solutions help keep vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles moving safely and smoothly.

Box Cameras With Integrated Video Analytics

FLIR’s TrafiBot Series combines field-proven video detection algorithms with advanced camera optics and powerful processing technology in a single housing. TrafiBot (with D1 resolution) and TrafiBot HD (with 1920 x 1080 resolutions) are network box cameras that provide superior image quality, embedded AID analytics as well as multi-stream encoding. This combination of technologies makes for a very cost- effective solution which at the same time delivers top-level performance.

TrafiBot’s advanced processing unit generates traffic data and incident detection information and thus supports traffic operators with alerts on stopped vehicles, wrong-way drivers, pedestrians, lost cargo, smoke, and traffic flow data.

Video and Radar-Based Vehicle Presence Sensor

FLIR’s TrafiRadar vehicle presence sensor is a combination of a video sensor and radar, offering accurate detection for a wide range of applications. TrafiRadar improves traffic safety and efficiency at signalized intersections for:

  • Stop bar and advance detection
  • Traffic adaptive systems
  • Dilemma zone protection

Thermal imaging sensors for traffic monitoring

FLIR FC-T sensors are perfect for traffic monitoring. The thermal sensor can “see” vehicles in all conditions. Vehicles in traffic look the same to the sensor in broad day light or in the darkest of nights. They can operate in poor weather and through light fog. Thermal sensors produce an image in practically all weather conditions and can even see through certain types of smoke.

Thermal sensors are not hindered by reflections from sun glare, shadows, or headlights on wet pavement.

FLIR FC-T sensors can be positioned so the horizon is in the field of view. This allows for more advanced detection than typical optical sensor systems.

Intersection control

TrafiSense can be used to control traffic lights by detecting vehicles and bicycles at and nearby the stop bar. The intelligent TrafiSense sensor will transmit its detection information over contact closures or over IP to the traffic light controller and will thus allow a more dynamic control of traffic lights. This results in reduced vehicle idling time, improved traffic flow and improved safety and mobility for bicyclists. Typical intersection applications are ‘green on demand’ and ‘lengthening green times’.

TrafiSense uses the thermal energy emitted from vehicles and bicyclists to make a distinction between both. The intelligent sensor can provide the traffic light controller with specific information on vehicle and bike presence, which allows traffic managers to make more intelligent decisions and adapt green times according to the specific road user type (bike or other vehicle).

Inverse direction detection

Through real-time analysis of thermal images, TrafiSense will detect wrong-way drivers on highways, highway entries and exits, or inter-urban roads in a matter of seconds. TrafiSense’s algorithms are based on proven performance of more than 20 years.

Video detection pedestrian sensors

FLIR’s pedestrian detection sensors are improving safety and efficiency at signalized intersections and pedestrian crossings. Detection of pedestrians allows for the dynamic control of traffic lights and warning lights, such as flashing beacons or in-road lighting

FLIR’s pedestrian sensors combine a video camera and detector in one unit. The sensors make use of predefined detection zones (“virtual loops”), superimposed on the video image. As soon as a pedestrian enters the predefined zone, a detection output is sent to the traffic light controller, enabling the activation of dynamic traffic signal schemes.

Pedestrian detection for traffic light control

FLIR’s pedestrian presence sensors are a safer and more efficient alternative to push buttons. Research has shown that 70% of pedestrians will cross the road without waiting for the green signal after pushing the button. This results in unnecessary interruption of traffic flows and in more traffic congestion. In contrast, pedestrian detection will drop the green call when pedestrians are no longer waiting to cross. While pedestrians are crossing, pedestrian detection will extend the red light signal for vehicles to enable a safe passage.

GPS Monitoring
Recently owners of the enterprises could only dream about such devices as GPS trackers. Nowadays tracking system is an integral part of the functioning of numerous companies. Freight and passenger transportation, sea transport, air transportation - all these organizations of different nature are united by one common link: movement of objects owned by them is tracked using special devices.

GPS tracker developed by IT Solutions for the cars is hi-tech integrated solution that allows business owner controlling movement of vehicle, its speed, deviations from the route in real time, calculating mileage and many other functions. This allows optimizing work processes and is also necessary for the safety of transport and drivers themselves.

What possibilities provides use of GPS tracker AZ?

According to statistics, use of GPS tracker AZ at the enterprises ensures improvement of work efficiency and reduction of transportation costs in average by 15-30%. Why?

    GPS monitoring of transport allows efficiently tracking and preventing attempts of fraud and thefts from the side of drivers: now it will be hardly possible to pour off fuel from the car.
  • Possibility of using vehicle for other agendas or for private aims will be completely excluded. 
  • GPS monitoring of vehicles ensures reliable control of all technical parameters, including mileage, thus preventing any attempts of "churning surcharge" .
  • Level of discipline and organization of the employee at the wheel in improved. Monitoring of transport means is really practical and warranted decision for business people. It will allow your company going over to a new level and improving performance significantly.

How does our tracking system operate?

Tracking system ensures tracking over the targeted objects using satellites. Then data are processed on the servers of IT Solutions located in the largest data-centers of the country. Thus, enterprise owners can control vehicle movement online, or check the history of its movements.

Satellite systems of tracking and monitoring also allow remote control and adjustment of temperature and pressure sensors, blocking engines, etc. You can also apply to us to analyze efficiency of performance during any specific time period.

The system of satellite monitoring AZ – reliability, forethought and ideal synthesis of innovations and simplicity of use. Trying to keep everything under control and be a master in any situation, do not forget to equip your car fleet with devices of IT Solutions!
Queue Management System
Every one of us is a client in a certain way; therefore we know exactly how we want to be handled when we need assistance. Clients want to feel treated professionally therefore queue management system is a must in order to provide excellent customer service.

What are the key points of the perfect Queue Management Solution?

There are general expectations like easy to understand its settings, easy to configure through its logical structure, has to be reliable both in hardware and in software side, includes all necessary features, and it is ready to be modified based on client’s request.

Q-net queue management system provides the unique solution, this way it is very popular in telecom shops, banking environment, governmental sector, healthcare, retail shops. Q-net has web based technology which means most of the software installation and maintenance is centralized on one Intranet server, minimizing cost and the time to troubleshoot the system and eliminating expensive trips to remote offices. Due to its benefits, the ROI (Return on Investment) period of typical Q-net queuing system implementation projects is usually much less than a year.

Helps Organization

  • Creates a transparent waiting area
  • Eye catching information due to high-end hardware design
  • Turns the waiting situation into a profitable one by advertising
  • Gives a brand centric approach
  • Monitors and saves each event occurring on premise
  • Gains Key Performance Indicators at both localised and centralised level.
Helps Decision makers

  • Top management can be informed of any exceptions
  • Measure service effectiveness at every touch point
  • Optimum utilization of customer support resources
  • Real time reporting
Helps Customers

  • Provides seamless and personalized customer experience
  • Saves customers’ time spent in waiting
  • Customers are informed about their average waiting time
  • Customers can provide feedback, right after the service
  • Can wait in a more relaxed environment Helps Customer Service Representatives

    • With segmentation it gives better understanding of who is seeking which service
    • Tellers has to face less agitated customers
    • Measuring performance quality tellers can improve
    • Reduces tellers’ idle time
    • Turns Tellers into Sellers
Radio communication
TETRA is an open standard and the first TETRA systems have been in operation for longer than a decade.

There is a wide choice of TETRA radios in the market: handhelds, mobile terminals for vehicles, small-size handheld radios, covert solutions, data terminals, and embedded data modems. These products are very different from each other, available now and also available in several different frequencies in different countries.

In addition, the established interoperability testing scheme for TETRA products helps guarantee that products from different manufacturers work together as specified.

TETRA also has what it takes for a single-network approach: a rich set of voice communication features combined with integrated data capabilities. The original TETRA standard has been developed towards faster data, and TETRA Enhanced Data Service, TEDS, enables more data bandwidth to TETRA data service users. For example in the power and energy sector, the smart metering concept will benefit from TEDS services.

In addition, security measures in TETRA can be implemented without proprietary solutions.

Cassidian can provide radio communication systems that are based on the proven, mature TETRA standard and that have been designed to optimize the total cost of ownership.

A single TETRA system can provide a wide variety of voice and data services, and the TETRA systems from Cassidian have another big advantage: they can be shared for several independent user organizations. Cassidian also has clear roadmaps with proven commitment.

Cassidian has years of experience in delivering radio communication networks into operation to the satisfaction of customers worldwide.

Cassidian is committed to maintaining these systems for years to come. This is a guarantee for the continuous development of the solution.

Choose Cassidian and ensure your investment.