IT Service
IT Solutions in its activity uses most optimal combination of personnel, processes and information technologies aimed to the satisfaction of demands of your business. Our company offers complex deliveries of certified software both under the projects on the implementation of solutions, and as an individual service, service on introduction of software, adjustment, configuring, maintenance, training of users and licensing of software. Developing solutions, the company always follows customers' requests.
We can offer you the following services:
Consulting services on the selection of software for specific customer or branch
Selection of the schemes of corporate licensing for software
Delivery and installation of software of any world manufacturers for the corporate clients
Adjustment and configuring, technical support of software
Services on optimization of management of licenses for software
Training of the users
Integration solutions
Why do the companies choose IT Solutions?
Long experience on the implementation of the projects on development of data transmission networks of any complexity
"Turn-key" development of any multi-service networks - from development and delivery of cross-connect equipment to installation and training
Team of professionals with large experience in project implementation
Integration of own proprietary solutions and products with the third-party products, with full support of vendors
Integration of own OSS/BSS-solutions and other company developed systems and solutions of other vendors
IT Consulting
Success of any current business in many ways depends on right choice of information system and its stable functioning. IT Solutions will help you to choose IT-system, which would comply with the business objectives and ensure competitiveness of the company in the market. The Company provides services on operational and strategic IT-consulting.
We will help you with the following:
Development of IT-strategy and system of key efficiency indices
Define priority IT-tasks, architectural and engineering limitations of available resources, develop structural model of corporate information system (KIS) and methods of assessment of results of the implementation of IT-strategy
Control compliance with the project requirements, justify investments in IT, calculate return on investments and cost of KIS ownership.
Develop corporate knowledge base on business processes and training on methods and approaches to management of the processes
Manage operational and credit risks
IT Outsourcing
Our company will help you to save time providing integrated services on tracking and maintenance of the information systems of the customer, from the support of equipment and IT-infrastructure to the management of information system in overall or part of processes of its tracking and maintenance processes. Our services will help you to reduce costs on the keeping of your own IT-team.
Kinds of services:
Resource allocation - unique team of representatives of the whole spectrum of IT-disciplines covers deficit of qualified staff, providing necessary number of highly qualified specialists of required profile for a specified period of time;
Support of end users - services of Help Desk, Service Desk, management of software at the work places and administration of the users' work;
Management of distributed IT-systems - support of territorially distributed complexes and information systems.
Full monitoring (tracking) of remote offices;
Management of IT-infrastructure - administration of the customer's infrastructure at the system level.
Why do the companies chose products of IT Solutions?
Experience of our specialists allows providing services for any spheres of business and wide spectrum of outsourcing solutions;
The services are provided in accordance with specific needs of the customer;
Continuous 24/7 support and development of the level of services.