Security alarm system
Security alarm system is a device, necessary for country villas, apartments or commercial enterprises. Protection of personal safety, life of close relatives, employees, real estate and other property - security alarm system can ensure it.
Security alarm system for the home and other kinds of property will be effective only when it is installed by real professionals. Not only sensors and other elements of equipment are important, but their faultless functioning.
Specialists of IT Solutions possess vast experience in work with this special equipment, so we can say with certainty that you will be under really protected!

How is security alarm system installed in IT Solutions?

Our specialists are well aware that security alarm system and quality of its operation - often is guarantee of safety of life and health of people, not just technical instrument s, that is why responsible attitude to its installation is required.

Installation of security alarm system is carried out in several steps, each of them is equally important. Miss or carelessness at any step might result in break-in and infliction of material or physical harm to the owner. First our employees visit the site, survey it, identify potential hazards and decide, what specific type of security is required in this case. This could be both wireless security alarm system, and devices fed by wires. After that instruments are installed, cables laid, sensor is installed and system is set up and adjusted.

There are no generalized solutions and cut-and-dried schemes in IT Solutions, we have individual approach for any specific situation, and find the best way for protection of your immovable property.

Wireless security alarm system or fixed version: what to choose?

Both wireless security alarm system and conventional device installed by professionals of IT Solutions, will perform equally efficiently. However, when the purpose and functions of classic model of anti-intrusion device are comprehensible even to those who do not know specifics of operation, few of them are familiar with wireless instruments. In what cases are they used, and what are their advantages?

Such products are perfect for country villa, premises with smaller perimeter or compact office.
You will be able to receive real time notifications about all alarm or system signals to your mobile phone (it is possible to select cellular operator).
Installation of this type of device is not time-consuming, its setting-up and use are easy.
Security systems for protection of homes and other immovable property - most simple and reliable way of protection of your property. IT Solutions will find the best solution for yourselves and will help to secure things that you value!
Fire alarm system
Fire alarm system is the main component of the general safety system in your Company. The purpose of this system is detect and immediately extinguish a fire. System relays alarm and informs the people in case of fire.

To increase the functional efficiency this system is connected to security alarm system. IT Solutions offers you comprehensive services for planning, installation and maintenance of fire alarm and security systems.
It includes:
Fire safety alarm systems - warning about any incident of glass break, gas leak, door lock
Fire safety alarm receiving and monitoring devices, consoles. Fire safety panels are designed for transmittal of alarm signals to central console of video surveillance system.
Fire alarm receiving and monitoring devices - this includes visible (light) and audible sirens, evacuation lights, etc.
We offer you wide range of services including planning, supply, installation of equipment and maintenance of proposed Fire alarm system.
Video Surveillance system
Video surveillance system from IT Solutions – complex solution ensuring consistent functioning of all elements. Our equipment will become optimum choice for the home, commercial enterprises and governmental organizations. Having chosen us as a provider of this service, you will reliably secure your property, and protect your close relatives or hired employees.
Installation of video surveillance systems is practical solution of those who want to ensure reliable safety and security of personal property or to protect the enterprise against the intruders.

Video surveillance became a part of our life insomuch as nobody is surprised anymore. Video cameras are installed at any large or small enterprise, sales outlets, parking areas and other facilities. However only properly installed and adjusted equipment will function efficiently.

Sale of video surveillance systems of the highest level in IT Solutions!

As we have been selling video surveillance systems for a long time, we are experienced in his business and are steadily improving our performance. We carry out installation, set-up and follow-up of equipment for offices, country villas, trade outlets and other facilities that require increased attention. Cooperating with our company you can be confident that cameras - wireless or fixed, will function without failures, and image will be clear!
Why is it advantageous for you to buy video surveillance systems in our company?
Besides sale and installation of equipment we offer installation of our own software, i.e. provide complex solution of a problem at a favorable price.
We really know our business well, that is why you can be sure: equipment will function without failures and at a top level.
Our equipment can operate independently, i.e. you will not remain without protection in case of power failure.
Offered video surveillance systems for home and other facilities could be analogous or used for IP tracking.
IT Solutions will help you to solve the problems where our competitors were not successful!
Access control
Site access control and management system (SCMA) allows organizing employees' pass with the use of contactless (proximity) cards through the gates and doors of the premises equipped with the electronic lock. Owing to the access control system, any employee or group of employees have access only to specific rooms; SCMA also allows controlling time of entry and exit of each employee. In case of extraordinary situation the system issues alarm sound. All events, alarm situations and withdrawal from security service are registered and stored in the system for a long time. In our solutions we used hardware-software appliances of leading producers Samsung and Gunnebo.
Why application to IT Solutions is right decision?
Cost of IT services provided by our company fully matches the volume of implemented work and efforts spent on the implemented projects.
Our specialists constantly improve their qualification and are acquainted with the latest technologies, developments and discoveries in the high-tech industry.
We do our best to complete the tasks within the shortest possible periods, without detriment to the quality level and prices of IT services.
Security Systems