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Financial organizations
Our company is ready to provide a range of solutions to optimize the management and cash turnover , the process of customer service , security, Bank staff and people served by the introduction of multi-function info and payment terminals. The preparation and implementation of software prepared by the customer or giving us the finished product , based on the collection of basic information on the activities of the bank and its features. Success optimizing processes in the department of the bank also contribute consulting services IT. We will provide the organization and training of your staff to inform them of the changes taking place , but also for their participation in the implementation of important projects.provide the organization and training of your staff to inform them of the changes taking place , but also for their participation in the implementation of important projects.
In this project, IT Solutions delivered and installation:

  • Supply of active network equipment
  • Installation and Configuration active network equipment
  • Installation and Configuration ACS
  • Setting the queue management system
Bank of Baku
In the course of implementation of this project our company carried out delivery, installation and set-up of the following equipment:

  • Server equipment
  • Video surveillance system
  • Information kiosks
  • Payment terminals
Bank Technique
Поставка и установка оборудования для программно-аппаратного комплекса автоматизированной банковской системы Temenos T24

  • Delivery and installation of equipment for software-hardware complex of the automated banking system Temenos T24
  • Installation of video surveillance and cooling systems
  • Introduction of the access control system using Parsec equipment
  • Establishment of processing center in Bank Technique, including:
  • Delivery and installation of server and network equipment
  • Installation of video surveillance system
  • Installation of access control system
Bank Standard
  • Delivery of Cisco network equipment
  • Installation of Security Mobile for the processing center of the Bank
Central Bank of the Azerbaijan Republic

In connection with the establishment of the System of management of costs accounting through the types of activity (HPCM) Central Bank of the Azerbaijan Republic announced tender, and our company won this tender by the assessment of tender commission. Within the framework of this project, IT Solutions offered to the Central Bank of the Azerbaijan Republic product of Oracle Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management system. The system of profitability and cost management - application allowing determining accurately the efficiency of distribution and management of your expenditures and income, as a result the customers - optimizing expenditures and increasing profits will achieve corporate profitability. Software application Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Workspace acts as an instrument of optimization. Within the framework of this project, IT Solutions provides the whole package, including analysis of business-processes, development of a model of activity, integration with other systems and also installation, configuration and consequent follow-up of software.

Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management - analytical software allowing management of distribution of production costs and profits, which is necessary for accurate calculation and increase of profits in various business segments. This software also allows breaking down user' value for the determination of profitability, and thus ensures correct planning and decision making.

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Government organizations
Solution enables enterprises in the public sector:
  • Improve the efficiency of the storage, retrieval , editing and sharing information across the region.
  • Increase security to protect confidential content ( information constituting a state secret, confidential information or personal data) .
  • Increase the degree of compliance with regulatory requirements and control all processes
  • Improve the system of reporting and auditing information.
  • Accelerate the access of citizens to public services.
  • Improve the efficiency of civil servants.

IT Solutions company in information technology market offers the most advanced integrated solutions for the public sector.

The main objectives pursued by our company:
  • modernization of information management system for the executive;
  • improving the efficiency of interagency cooperation;
  • more effective engagement of executive authorities and society.
  • development of information society

Baku Underground railway
Introduction of the automatic public address system and communication in emergency situations – SOS. Delivery of kiosks, accompanying communication equipment was done within the framework of this project, and dedicated software for SOS system was developed.

  • Development of special-purpose software for the information kiosks
  • Development and installation of automatic software-hardware complex for the provision of information at all existing stations of the underground railway:
  • about train arrival time;
  • about the objects near the station;
  • about time spent for the passage of specified pathway.
  • Development and installation of the train travel system intended for the dispatchers and station duty officers.
Ministry of Justice
System of registration of court prisoners for the Penitentiary system of the Azerbaijan Ministry of Justice was developed and installed within the framework of this project.

Supply and installation of self-service information and payment terminals in all existing notary's public offices of the Republic.

Development of the software of bulk payment system for these terminals for payment of state duty and other services.

Bulk payment system - automatic system intended for numerous regular payments, thus simplifying the process of bulk payments.

Penitentiary system
Specialists of IT Solutions were entrusted to develop and introduce software-hardware complex to support centralized system of registration and accounting on the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic . Full upgrading of communication and information systems in accordance with strict requirements to the safety and fault withstandability of government /public services was done within the framework of this project. Software for registration and accounting of court prisoners was developed in accordance with requirements of the customer. Currently the system is functioning and services the central and regional branches of this system in the Azerbaijan Republic. Involvement in such projects of state significance is conclusive evidence of competence and professionalism of IT Solutions in solving of complicated and responsible IT tasks.
State Road Police
  • Software for the payment of fines for the administrative violations was developed within the framework of this project.
  • Payment terminals were delivered and installed at all posts and regional offices of Azerbaijan, Baku districts and in the Main office of State Road police, at car pounds and one technical inspection site.
  • All installed terminals /kiosks are in operating condition and functioning.
Projects /
Mobile network operators
Development of any field of activity , especially in areas dealing with the service affects the constant introduction of new products and services . Area of mobile communication refers to the number of spheres in the constant attention of clients and require the use of solutions for the development and improvement of the service provider. Our company offers solutions , clearly relevant to the current needs of customers and take into consideration their particular sectoral activities. For products and services offered by our company , you can include managerial and technological consulting, implementation of enterprise management systems , system integration , software development , distribution, services and training . All solutions are implemented on the basis of in-house software . That is, our company provides software development for mobile operators and based on it delivers , integrates and supports software and hardware solutions . At the integration stage , we consider design features cellular network , third-party solutions , specialized protocols , even if they are implemented nestandartno.Takzhe can improve existing ones, but the system itself izzhivshie services mobile network operators . We are fully responsible for the performance of our solutions and their compliance with the relevant standards
The project on creation of web-portal was implemented within the framework of collaboration with Azercell. Content Management System (CMS) was placed at the official site of the company using existing modern technologies. Video surveillance (camera) systems were also installed in the regional divisions of Azercell.
Video surveillance system based on Samsung equipment was installed under this project in the main office of Azerfon, as well as the system of access control and management. Delivery and installation of queuing control systems in the salerooms of Azerfon - Vodafone was also done.
Projects /
Foreign companies
IT Solutions Company offers a wide range of services for foreign companies to start the business stage . Our capabilities will initially set up your business on the basis of the leading innovative solutions and services. Our company offers solutions , clearly relevant to the current needs of customers and take into consideration their particular sectoral activities. For products and services offered by our company , you can include managerial and technological consulting, implementation of enterprise management systems , system integration , software development , distribution, services and training .

Why foreign companies choose our services ?

  • Provide ready-made technologies to start business in Azerbaijan and abroad;
  • To get the full range of services from one company
  • Ability to adapt to the demands of a foreign company in our legislation that takes a lot of time
  • Highly qualified professionals with years of experience
  • Attractive pricing
  • Ability to service and support in foreign languages

We provide our clients with professional service and high quality service will ensure a successful start business to foreign companies in Azerbaijan and abroad.
LUKOil Uzbekistan
Within the framework of the project "Smart Home", IT Solutions has delivered and carried out set-up and adjustment of all IT systems and telecommunications in the LUKOil office in Uzbekistan. Specialists of IT Solutions have integrated the following systems into a common building' management system:

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system
  • Security and fire alarm, system of access control to the premises, water leakage control, gas leaks control
  • Video surveillance system
  • Communication network (including phone and local building's network)
  • Lighting system
  • Electric power supply system of the building
  • Control of audio-, video equipment from one point, multi-room
  • Telemetry — remote monitoring of systems. The system allows controlling all processes taking place in the premises, building. All signals from the sensors installed at the facility, which are informing about the status of all life support systems, engineering equipment are accumulated at the central control panel, hazardous conditions are followed up with subsequent notification, events are registered, log maintained, etc.

Building's dispatch and administration system provides the following:

  • control and management of security systems
  • economical spending of resources
  • control over condition of engineering systems and continuous supply of resources, identification of incidents and near-miss incidents
  • automatic lighting control
  • provision of the integrated information medium
  • planning of maintenance of engineering systems and control over activity of technical staff.

Design of data processing centers for Southern Kyzyl-Bairak and Koshkuduk fields was also done.

In 2012 "IT Solutions" LLC took part in the "Purchase of computer equipment" tender for "LUKOil Uzbekistan Operating Company" LLC and won this tender. In the second half of 2012 computer equipment was delivered to "LUKOil Uzbekistan Operating Company" LLC.
Projects /
Different areas
"IT Solutions" provides services in various market segments such as Telecom , Oil and Gas , State , Defense , Finance , Aviation , engineering and other fields and provide all customers a reliable communication infrastructure . Our service offers a wide range of services in information technology, including the proactive procedure , warranty and maintenance of equipment and software. In our solutions we use the most modern and advanced technology. Depending on customer needs , our consulting services can include various additional options , such as technical and economic feasibility , and others. In its activities, we attach special attention to security and set a goal to provide the most convenient and affordable solutions for the customer .
Baku Electronics
  • Video surveillance system was installed in the main office of Baku Electronics store chain
  • Delivery and installation of anti-theft system Cross Point in all stores of Baku Electronics
  • Delivery and installation of network equipment Cisco
  • Installation of access control system Apollo
  • Installation of video surveillance system


Azersun Holding recognized necessity of 24/7 availability of SAP solutions. Without this functionality Azersun could lose positions in new, promising market segment.


Azersun chose migration to the integrated and easy to handle platform IBM® PureFlex™, which ensures continuous availability, high efficiency of the system and reduction of operational costs.


It gave the company quick and efficient access to new markets. Efficiency of applications was improved to 200 percents. Costs of power supply and refrigeration were reduced by 30 percent.
  • Delivery of server and network equipment: plotters, printers, computer equipment, etc.
  • Installation of access control and management system
  • Delivery and installation of tourniquets.
  • Installation of the access control system Gunnebo
  • Installation of tourniquets
  • Cable laying and adjustment of the network at pump station. Pump Stations – intermediate oil transfer stations
  • Delivery and installation of telecommunication equipment
Akkord OJSC
The latest currently available solutions are used in Galaba square underground road tunnel. They are equipped with hi-tech video-recognition and analytics systems built into 36 cameras, which are connected to central computer complex controlling information panels (VMS). Four (4) full-color high-resolution matrix panels are installed at the entrances to tunnels and one road junction, plus 9 panels are installed above for each tunnel lane. Fully integrated system allows registration of potential incidents (e.g. dropped items blocking the road, people on the lane, movement along the oncoming traffic lane, flooding, etc.).

Automatically, without the operator, announcement is done via panels (VMS) by changing speed limit signs, road diversion signs or other notices, e.g. about the closed lane.
Akkord GPS
Specialists of "GPS Solutions" introduced integrated transport monitoring system in the Industrial- Construction company Akkord.

Within the framework of the first stage of the project all freight and transport means of Akkord company in Azerbaijan and Georgia were connected to GPS.AZ web-monitoring system using GPS and GLONASS trackers. Main purpose of the project was improvement of performance of transport department , prevention of the unauthorized use of transport means and reduction of maintenance and fuel-lubricant costs.

At the second stage systems of fuel control, identification of drivers, control of mass of freight transport and concrete mixers in real time will be introduced.

Main feature of this project is introduction of the automatic system of registration and ordering of transport vehicles, system of control of maintenance and warehouse with spare parts, as well as integration with the system of concrete mix issuing at the plants owned by Аkkord.