IT услуги можно по праву отнести к одним из самых востребованных на сегодняшний день. Многие производственные процессы частично или полностью делегируются компьютерной технике, через Интернет заключаются сделки, а большинство уже ставших привычными предметов имеют электронную «начинку».

Что включает наш каталог продуктов?

Каталог ИТ услуг нашей компании — это единые комплексные IT решения, которые мы предоставляем для бизнеса любого размера: от самого малого до масштабного. Чем конкретно IT Solution может быть полезна Вам?
Server systems
Server systems are one of the largest segments of the computer hardware market, designed to perform specific services in the network. Server installation and configuration are provided by highly qualified specialists of our company because of the reliability and productivity of the server depends on the quality of functionality in all company IT-infrastructure.

IT Solutions company offers various server solutions for Windows and Linyx

  • Tower Servers

    - are ideal for small business and small remote areas.
  • Rack Servers

    - are suitable for small and medium business, segmented workloads and business applications
  • Blade Servers

    – are optimized for large place consolidation, server and infrastructure replacement and remote areas
  • Enterprise Servers

    - are high - performance rack and blade servers suitable for intensive workloads of specialized applications, virtualization and obsolete systems replacement
  • Pure Flex Systems

    – combine compute, storage, networking into a single infrastructure system that is expert at sensing and anticipating resource needs to optimize your infrastructure
Network equipment

Network equipment consists of devices necessary to organize network in the company. Your competitive advantage depends on the effective application and a professional implementation in the modern and reliable telecommunication solutions.

IT Solutions offers a full range of telecommunication solutions based on network equipment of CISCO Systems company.

Building a high-speed and reliable corporate networks ; Creating VLAN: phisically secure network space in the office infrastructure; Hot-spot. The organization of wireless Internet access of Wi-Fi technology in public places; Building a managed wireless networks based on Cisco equipment; Protecting the corporate network based on Cisco ASA Combining remote areas of enterprise infrastructures IP-telephony; Our managers answer all your questions related to equipment and services. Technical specialists help in equipment choice and provide the necessary support in the process of operation.

Data storage systems

Fujitsu company carries out projects on data storage systems: from the initial idea and planning to successful completion

Using the strategy of "business-oriented data storage systems", Fujitsu develops and delivers disk systems ETERNUS DX, operating on the level of blocks of data (information blocks) and data protection devices ETERNUS, which allows flexible management of increasing data volumes by the customers with lesser costs, and also using advantages of highly reliable architecture and radical simplification of work processes. 

Whilst traditional suppliers offer various individual architectures of data storage both for initial and intermediate market segments, and for high-end segment, systems ETERNUS DX ensure consistent management of data storage. This approach to architectural arrangement is beneficial both for the clients and partners, as it allows reducing costs related to business development, simplifying work processes and improving universality of systems. 

Another base component of the strategy of the comprehensive and safe data storage of Fujitsu company is radical simplification of IT-infrastructure, ensuring protection of data, including means of files' backup and archiving. Simplification is achieved at the expense of approach used in ETERNUS CS products, and envisaging development of devices speeding-up mobilization, simplifying work processes and reducing time for maintenance. For conventional back-up of data we offer ETERNUS LT systems using magnetic tape storage. 

Proprietary technologies of Fujitsu company and wide spectrum of available services are complemented with the products of partners - leaders in data storage technology, giving the clients a chance to create and use dynamic infrastructures for data management and their protection.

Personal Systems
There are specialized computer decisions for every circle of tasks and everyone has at least one advantage doing this computer indispensable for certain tasks

Laptops are mobility.

Office computers are simplicity and low cost.

Graphic stations are the unsurpassed productivity.

Office equipment is simplifies workflow.

It is difficult to imagine a modern office without technology:

  • Printers,plotters
  • Copiers (copiers,risographs,MFP) with a capacity of up to several hundred copies per minute
  • Shredders of various classes of security and performance
  • Facsimile equipment (fax), or simple scan of documents using a scanner of MFP and sending by e-mail

IT Solutions company supplies a wide range of work stations designed for a variety of clients: from home users and small offices to corporate ones. The major partners are Dell, HP, Acer, Microsoft.

CCTV cameras
IT Solutions company provides services on design, installation and maintenance of video surveillance and security systems at various facilities, enterprises and companies. Characteristics, features and set of video surveillance equipment depend on the customer's requirements to security of facility. Usually standard configuration of the system consists of video cameras, video-signal processing and recording device, video-monitor. In more complex surveillance systems the following equipment is also used: multiplexors, video-camera control panels, transmitter-receiver units and other accessories, which allow extending capability of security system. First of all, it should be noted that depending on the type of equipment used video surveillance systems are divided into analogue and digital (IP).

Analogue video surveillance systems

Currently analogue video cameras are installed in most video surveillance systems, they are characterized by affordable price, simple design, easy installation and connection with video surveillance systems. Wired and wireless analogue video cameras are successfully used in many systems of indoor and outdoor video-monitoring . They have proved themselves excellently in video surveillance systems in various business spheres. This is owing to simple design, high reliability and good image quality.

Network video surveillance cameras

Network, or IP video surveillance cameras are used for the formation of video monitoring systems both at small and large, and distributed facilities.

IP video surveillance cameras have the following advantages:

  • Use of higher resolutions;
  • Possibility of simultaneous transmission of audio- and video stream via the network;
  • Control of rotational device (for rotating IP cameras);
  • Possibility of connection of additional cameras;
  • Absence of double signal conversion that is inherent for analogue cameras.

There are the following network (IP) cameras:

  • Fixed
  • Rotating
  • Dome
Payment terminals
Self-service payment terminals are intended for the online payments. Today this type of service is very popular, and number of customers of this segment continually increases. Such method of payments comparing to traditional cash offices allows optimizing expenditures and significantly reduces customary overhead costs related to keeping of personnel and maintenance of cash office premises. If you own such business, you will be getting revenues from commission taken from the payer.

Procedure of the service of payments acceptance using terminals.

    A customer inputs cash /card into payment terminal and gets receipt.
  • Information about payment is transmitted to the server of payment system.
  • Sum of payment is automatically withdrawn from the bank account of the terminal owner and credited to service provider.
  • Commission from the customer are credited to the terminal owner.
As IT Solutions specializes on provision of ready integrated solutions, we also undertake development and introduction of software for payment terminals. Dedicated software allows adapting e-kiosks for individual requirements of the customers.

Our terminal consists of:

  • Metal housing;
  • Vandal-proof touch screen allowing convenient and prompt payment;
  • Wireless modem ensuring 24-hour access to Internet;
  • Bill acceptor ensuring reliable protection against counterfeit bills;
  • Coin box;
  • Card reader;
  • Printer for receipts' printing;
  • Keyboard for the filling of various standard documents and writing letters;
  • PİN-pad for the input of PIN-code when paying with the use of plastic card;
Information kiosks
Touch screen information kiosk is multifunctional software-hardware complex with sensor providing access to various information resources. Owing to convenient navigation system kiosk provides access to information in a comprehensive database.

The following pertains to these resources:

  • Internet network
  • reference materials
  • databases
  • reservation systems
  • management of bank account
  • commodities' ordering, etc.

Information kiosk consists of the following:

  • high-duty metal housing
  • LC monitor with sensor screen
  • computer within the housing.
Main purpose of this solution is information and notification of wide audience about the products and services of your organization, its operational procedures and possibility of independent familiarization with the services, transmission of media-content and immediate messages. Software for the information kiosks developed by our company is upgraded and developed within the framework of service maintenance. Sensor information terminal may be designed by the specialists of our company according to individual demands of the Customer; it is also possible to arbitrarily adjust terminal network to scale, changing software functionality of kiosk.

Key advantages of the software of Information kiosks:

  • professional design of interfaces (developed individually for each client)
  • simplicity and user-friendliness (development of client oriented menu)
  • prompt roll-out of the platform
  • integrated approach to the implementation of the project (we provide kiosk, software to this kiosk and subsequent maintenance)
  • flexible price policy
Turnstile - device intended for the organization of the access of visitors. Advantage of this type of protection of the site or enterprise is possibility of remote control, using control panel. Automatic turnstiles are more often used at the enterprises. In this case each employee or person who enters the building is identified by the access control system (card, fingerprints, etc.).

IT Solutions offers you huge assortment of turnstile meeting your objectives. Consumer properties of turnstiles are defined by compliance with the requirements to protection level, throughput capacity, possibility of connection of the access control system, pass width of tourniquet and other ergonomic characteristics. Turnstiles offered by IT Solutions are embodiment of the latest developments in the sphere of science and engineering. Installation of turnstiles is mandatory practically in all cases for access control in the entrance halls of enterprises and companies, entrances to various schools, educational institutions, business-centers, fitness clubs, etc.