Lead generation for your business
A lead is a potential hot customer who wants to buy your product or service, who has left his contact on the lead form (contact capture form), which can be located on the landing page, quizzes (sites for tests, surveys or quizzes) or advertising posts in social media. Lead generation includes a whole range of interconnected solutions that will ultimately provide ready-made leads for your business, that is, customers. IT Solutions company sets up lead generation for business, deploying the entire range of solutions at the expense of the customer, which is cheaper than buying ready-made leads. Although, if the customer is willing to pay more for hot clients, we can deploy the entire complex at our own expense and sell you ready-made leads.
What kind of solutions are included
in the lead generation complex:
Identification of the target audience. Who are they, what age and gender, what are they interested in, where they live geographically, purchasing ability, etc.
Development of a marketing campaign and USP to attract potential customers.
Development of a landing page and quizzes where lead forms for capturing client contacts will be posted.
Development of creatives (advertising banners and posts) for an advertising campaign.
Setting up a targeted and contextual campaign with a full cycle of analytics and strategy adjustments.
Development, implementation and integration of a solution for filtering and transferring leads to the customer's CRM.
Setting up a call center lead processing quality control solution for end-to-end analytics.
Why choose IT Solutions?
Many years of experience in developing lead generation solutions for businesses in various niches. Individual approach to each niche.
The only ones who are effectively engaged in lead generation in Azerbaijan.
A team of professionals from Russia with extensive experience in projects and successful cases.
Application of modern methods of Agile and Scrum projects management, which makes it possible to increase the income of your business in a short time.
Providing a full range: from website design and promotion to Google Top-10 to setting up of advertising campaigns and lead generation.

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