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Established in 2004 IT Solutions company is specialized in two directions: informational technologies and security systems. Within 11 years of its foundation, the company proved itself as a reliable partner and supplier of a wide range of services that include consulting in systems integration , supply and installation of hardware and software in the rapidly growing market of informational technologies in Azerbaijan. IT Solutions provides a full range of services in the supply, installation and maintenance of security systems: CCTV, access control, alarm system, perimeter protection, fire safety. In our solutions we use modern and advanced technologies. IT Solutions is presented in various market segments such as Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, State, Finance and Industry, providing all the customers with a reliable communications infrastructure. Our service center provides support that includes proactive procedures, warranty, post warranty and maintenance of equipment and software. The company was certified according to ISO 9001. Our company is a partner of world famous manufacturers: Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Gunnebo, Apollo, Lyrix, Samsung, GFI, Parsec, HID, Kasperskiy, Ethernet Direct, Oracle, Trend Micro.
Our mission is to maximize the approximation of your business to opportunities of the information world and gain maximum effect from it. Modern entities use information technologies in their daily operations, however not every company can benefit from advantages and opportunities of any given technology. We stand out among other companies for our abilities in information technology. Most of our customers are global companies. There are no questions to which we cannot find optimal solution, the systems we manufacture can be used in many countries and continents. We are able to engage required human resources, knowledge and experience, our unity and technology in order to achieve innovations and results ensuring high effectiveness of the business. Our company is ready to become beneficial and reliable partner for every customer in information technologies field.
From the moment of its establishment IT Solutions in their activity uses high-quality and reliable equipment of globally known brands. Our key partners in the area of security assurance are:
HID Global Corporation – leading brand in the sphere of manufacturing of the access control and management systems (SKUD) in the premises, as well as restricted access to PCs and local networks. HID company specializes in development and manufacturing of RFID-access cards, ProxKeys, tags, smart-cards, cards with magnetic stripe and smart-readers working on the base of technologies iClass, Mifare and Proximity, as well as biometric fingerprint readers.
Parsec produces professional access control and management systems. Parsec produces SKUD systems since 1997. This equipment is ideal solution for the offices and secure institutions. Functional and technical features of Parsec readers allow their use in integration with other equipment of your company.
APOLLO is one of the leading companies manufacturing high-tech equipment for security systems: video-surveillance, security & fire alarm systems, access control and management systems and other specialized equipment. List of the products manufactured by APOLLO includes most powerful controllers in the world with the centralized architecture, analogous and digital security alarm panels, relay modules, readers and intermediate blocks with own memory and embedded logic - that can be functioning independently, digital and analogous control interfaces of end devices.
GFI is engaged in development of security systems and announcements in the network. This software-hardware complex equipment allows identifying the reasons of problem and solving same promptly, thus efficient time of systems' operation in the network is extended. GFI offers the following line of products: GFI EndPointSecurity™, GFI EventsManager™, GFI LanGuard™, GFI MailEssentials™, GFI FaxMaker™, GFI WebMonitor™, GFI MailArchiver™, GFI NetworkServerMonitor™.
LyriX offers software complex for the integration of security subsystems of various producers. This solution possesses convenient interface, optimum for large and medium-sized companies, which require strong centralized system of protection and monitoring of security systems. Flexibility of architecture of this software complex allows solving various tasks arising in the course of the company' growth, and operating with any equipment having interface of communication with PC.
Oracle is globally known software developer, and also major supplier of server equipment. The history of Oracle begins in 1977, the company has branches almost all over the world (145+ countries). Oracle specializes in development of data base management systems (ERP- and CRM-systems, specialized industry applications). The most renowned product of the company produced from the moment of its foundation – Oracle Database.
Dell is leading global producer and supplier of equipment: notebooks, tablet computers and PCs, printers and monitors. Dell products combine excellent design and high quality, as well as provide easy and comfortable operation for the employees of your company. Products of Dell company obtained quality certificate ISO 9002.
HP is the largest T company in the world. Trump card of the company is development of new, more convenient and reliable technologies. HP is one of leaders in production of printers, multifunctional devices, PCs, scanners and other equipment. Possessing wide assortment of solutions we, as a company, can offer our customers solution complying with their needs. The company also provides IT-outsourcing services, system integration and service support.
IBM s one of the largest companies in the world on production and supplies of software and hardware, which includes server equipment, such as System x, System z, POWER systems, BladeCenter; data storage systems, software. Corporation IBM works practically in all countries of the world, providing their customers high-quality IT and consulting services.
Trend Micro - Japanese-US company, which develops professional anti-virus software. "Cloud" protection infrastructure offered by Trend Micro, will allow operating with large information volumes, providing protection to your customers and mobile devices. Cloud infrastructure minimizes threats related to virus attacks, thus ensuring safe operation in the network.
Ethernet Direct offers new generation of industrial multiplexers. They are most often used in oil, gas, mining industry, military, defense, petrochemicall and many other spheres. Ethernet Direct in their solutions focus n customers' needs, providing wide spectrum of individual products and services. Products of Ethernet Direct corresponds to RoHS standards.
Gunnebo is Swedish company producing full spectrum of equipment for security and access control systems. Key directions of business of Gunnebo company are: banking security and cash handling – envisages introduction of certified storages and safe deposits (strong boxes), mechanical and electric safe deposits, security doors, door blocking and access control; secure storage of files – fireproof and vandal-proof safe deposits and cases are offered, developed with the use of the latest technologies. Depending on requirements, safe deposits Chubbsafes, Fichet-Bauche, Rosengrens and Steelage are proposed, access control system - solutions for public transport, underground, railway and bus network , special gates for immigration, airports, boarding schools, etc. Fences and gates manufactured by Gunnebo are integrated in practically all systems of access control of known global producers. The following quality certificates confirm reliability and high quality of products of this company: ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004, PN-N 18001:2004, OHSAS 18001:1999.
Samsung Security develops advanced technologies and products for professional security systems already during several years. Today the company is one of the leaders in the security systems market and provides solutions for the development of systems of any complexity. Samsung Security does not know borders - products of the company are used in all security systems, beginning from large scale integrated solutions and up to the smaller surveillance systems.
InVue. The company develops and puts into operation antitheft equipment for digital devices, pedestals (bases) for mobile phones, digital photo and video-cameras, sport watches, notebooks, GPS-navigators, MP3-players, special pedestals for IPhones, special pods for e-books and many other products. Innovation equipment InVue corresponds to the highest European safety standards, possesses large resource, they are ergonomic and efficient.
Q-net Pro offers you state-of-the-art queue management system, which is currently indispensable element for service offices. Q-net solution will allow optimizing work of personnel, and organizing or minimizing queues, thus improving quality of your services. Queue management system Q-net Pro is based on the software complex and special software Q-net. This allows using all possibilities of e-queue, and add any other necessary functional that the customer may need.
Microsoft Corporation develops software and hardware, provides services on development of Internet-technologies for PCs and servers. Founded in 1975, Microsoft company currently is leader in software development and also in sales of software. Products of Microsoft include desktop and network operating systems, server applications for client -server environment, desktop business applications and office applications for the users, interactive programs and games, means for the operation in Internet and development tools.
Cisco – world leader in development and sales of a full spectrum of network equipment based on Internet protocol. Cisco company, which was founded in 1984, developed multi-level branched system of certification of engineers in computer networks. Today networks became an important element of business, education, state administration and domestic communications. IP-solutions with good reason can be called fundamental base of these networks.
Kaspersky is one of the most dynamic developing companies in the sphere of information security, possessing wide spectrum of such solutions as Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky ONE, Kaspersky CRYSTAL, Kaspersky Security for Mac, Kaspersky Mobile Security, Kaspersky Tablet Security, etc. "Kaspersky Laboratory" has wide experience in solution of problems with the most serious IT-threats. Among the companies collaborating with Kaspersky one may name Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Juniper Networks, Alcatel Lucent, Blue Coat, Check Point, D-Link, GFI, Gwava, Netgear, SonicWALL RSA, ZyXel, Alt-N, Parallels, Lenovo, etc.
Thales e-Security – world leader in development of cryptographic systems of information protection. Solutions of Thales e-Security are widely used in such spheres as banking business, state sector, military organizations, special intelligence agencies and other major corporations. Fundamental principle of work of this company is impeccable organization of work, its integral element being fail-free operation and reliability of equipment of the highest quality. Thales e-Security has branch offices in Europe, Asia and America. You can use the services of this company in more than 80 countries of the world.
Proel is the company specializing in production of wide spectrum of audio-products. It is one of the largest companies in Europe producing various audio-equipment and network tools. The products are sold in the international markets via sales agencies, distributors and dealers. Especially actual are four divisions of the company: Proel spa, Proel UK, Proel Korea and EVR Media.
Juniper is supplier of high-performance network solutions. The company specializes in development of hardware systems, design of integral schemes and network architectures, undertakes tasks of routing, Ethernet switching /multiplexing, security assurance, authenticity control and also issues of speed-up of applications and network management. There are about 130 clients of Juniper company, 96 f them are from the list of Global Fortune 100.
CrossPoint offers its clients new advanced antitheft systems. This solution is most effective among those available today. Antenna antitheft system offered by CrossPoint company is indispensable for today's retail outlets.
Extron Electronics is the largest American company specializing in production of digital and analogous systems for commutation and processing of video and audio signals. Line of products of Extron Electronics includes interfaces, configured administration systems, converters, distribution amplifiers, multiplexors, various cables, etc.
Crane Payment Solutions - leading producer of bill acceptors and coin acceptors, offering innovation and reliable solutions in more than 75 world countries. Crane Payment Solutions offers its customers solutions on bulk coins acceptance (validation) - namely Money Controls Pelicano v2; coin recycler – Money Controls CR106; bill validators (bill recyclers) CashCode Bill-to-Bill; device for bills validation – Loader SL-Drop&Seal, etc.
FLIR is leading producer of the state-f-the-art thermal vision systems, including thermal imaging (surveillance) devices, thermal imaging cameras and computer vision systems. Our products play a key role for the industries, commerce and governmental agencies in more than 60 world countries. Currently the company has three manufacturing facilities: two in the US (Portland, Oregon and Boston, Massachusetts) and one in Stockholm (Sweden). United by a global sales network all through the world, marketing and service support network covering over 60 countries, more than 1300 IR specialists of FLIR company are ready to help you in solving all your problems the IR thermal imaging.
It is already 25 years that Traficon is a key leader in the market of video detection technologies for traffic applications by means of video-signals processing. About 20 000 video-sensors TrafiCam for the detection of transport vehicles are installed in more than 50 countries. Traficon has certificate ISO9001 since 1998.
IBA Group - alliance of IT companies specialized in system integration, development, manufacturing and delivery of information systems on the territory of Central and Eastern Europe countries. During almost 20 years of its activity the company grew up to international holding, with the home office in Czech Republic, development centers in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Czech Republic, and representative offices in Russia, Ukraine, UA, Great Britain, Germany, Bulgaria and on Cyprus. During the time of their activity, companies of IBA Group completed projects for the customers from more than 40 countries.
Digital Barriers offers advanced technologies of video surveillance, which improve awareness of the situation and allow real time monitoring. These cameras are intended for operation in remote areas, hostile and mobile environment, and also for the protection of large territories for the support and maintenance of public order and security.
Network Technologies Incorporated manufactures keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) and audio/video switches, splitters and extenders for computers (PC, MAC, and SUN, including USB) and video sources (DVD player, satellite receiver), monitoring systems (sensors and detectors). By consistently providing KVM and audio/video solutions that combine innovation with reliable high-performance, NTI empower customers to improve efficiency, reduce equipment and energy costs, maximize space utilization and monitor needed systems.
During activities our company realized important projects with financial, commercial, government and other organizations .


Financial – Bank of Azerbaijan, Bank of Baku, Central Bank of the Azerbaijan Republic, Bank Standard, AzerTurkBank, Bank Technique, Amrahbank, AccessBank, Zaminbank


Сommercial – Baghlan group, SW Holding, Azersun Holding , MCDermott LLC, Bos Shelf, Toyota LLC, Saipem LLC, Akkord OSJC, «LUKOIL» LLC, Acercell LLC, ZQAN Holding , Holcim MMC, «Nobel Oil» LLC

Goverment and others

Government and others - AR Ministry of Justice, Baku Metro, BP, Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund, State Traffic Police, Azerfon-Vodafone, Inditex, Azfen-Tekfen, Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy
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