Opening the tunnel on Galaba Square
The safety system of “Galaba Tunnels” has the most innovative technologies as of today. It is equipped with state of art real-time video recognition and analytics technologies integrated in 36 wide range cameras. All of these cameras are connected to the core computing system managing VMS’es (Variable Messages Signs). 4 high brightness and high resolution full matrix RGB screens (VMS) are installed at the gate entrances and one split as well as 9 small under ceiling VMS panels installed inside the tunnel. This integrated system is able to automatically recognize any accident in the tunnel without human control (e.g. fallen object, people on the lane, stopped vehicle, reverse movements, floods and etc…) and change signs immediately by showing speed limits signs, diverts, warning messages and lane close alerts. All of the accident events and video from 36 cameras are recorded locally and transmitted to the NIIM (Intellectual Traffic Control Center) with integration to the global traffic management of the city.