Specialization- GPS monitoring.Vehicle Tracking
With GPS.AZ tracking system you can track location of transport vehicle on a real-time basis, its speed, traveled distance, operation mode and control the fuel consumption..

Specialists of the "IT Solutions" company introduced complex system of monitoring of motor transport in the Industrial and Construction Investment Company Akkord.

Within the first stage of the project, all cargo and Akkord company vehicles in Azerbaijan and Georgia, were connected to web monitoring GPS.AZ system by means of GPS and GLONASS trackers. Increase of overall performance of transport department, prevention of inappropriate use of vehicles and decrease in expenses for service and fuels and lubricants was a main objective of the project.

At the 2nd stage monitoring systems of fuel, identification of drivers, control of mass of cargo transport and control of works of concrete mixers in a mode real time will be introduced.

Distinctive feature of this project is introduction of the automated system of the account and the order of vehicles, monitoring systems of service and a warehouse of spare parts, and as integration with system of holiday of concrete at plants belonging to the Akkord company